Scandroid Releases Star Studded Remix Album “Dreams of Neo-Tokyo”

Scandroid has gone and remixed his own first self-titled album with the release of “Dreams of Neo-Tokyo”. With the help of artists such as Dance With the Dead, Waveshaper, Gost, Daniel Deluxe, Blue Stahli, Makeup And Vanity Set, and d.notive, the end result is one of the best albums of the year so far. It’s got a nice fast pace throughout, perfect for a long night drive.

“Easily the most fun I’ve had doing a remix. Now you have a soundtrack for getting in a car chase down palm tree-lined streets, with beach bunnies and neon-everything whipping by.” – Blue Stahli

Links: Buy on Amazon, Listen on Spotify



Dreams of Neo-Tokyo


Dreams of Neo-Tokyo (Instrumentals)



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