Paradise Walk Music

Chris and Lee, Two guys from the quirky seaside town of Barry Island. As kids, the old school fair ground, skate parks and sandy beach was their stomping ground. Many of their musical influences are taken from their childhood experiences of riding neon lit rides while classic 1980’s movie theme tunes were boomed out over the pleasure park. These guys are more formally known as Paradise Walk.

Paradise Walk has a real passion for anything 80’s not surprising where they came from. This duo started out in nappies together, with their musical inspirations stemming from retro movie soundtracks from the worlds created by john carpenter Or the teen idols of the brat pack movies by John Hughes. idols such as Kenny Loggins, Tears for fears, Genesis, tangerine dreams, Blade runners Vangelis, the cure and of course Prince. This pop cult 80’s passion is then infused with more contemporary Pop culture such as Sunglasses Kid, Phaserland, Mitch Murder, M83 and Kitten.

Their sound is enhanced by melodic synthesizers, rhythmically intricate chorus guitars, drenched in reverb with catchy lyrics all of which make for a moreish sweet sound on the palate. These are exciting times for Paradise Walk with their studio time soon coming to an end they are going to be hitting the streets promoting their new tunes.