First Track Off Prey’s Soundtrack Drops. Veers Into Synthwave.

Prey, the upcoming first-person shooter from Arkana Studios and Bethesda, is scheduled to be released in May 2017. But that hasn’t stopped them from teasing the soundtrack with the first song drop. Tasked with creating the game’s soundtrack, Mick Gordon decided to go in a new direction than his award-winning work on DOOM.

“It’s more thought-provoking, there are more Western sounds… Spaghetti Western elements mixed in with synths and things like that. [Arkane’s] approach hasn’t been to get me to write a bunch of combat music or fighting music. Instead, Raphael [Colantonio, Prey director] would just give me a concept.

“He’ll say, ‘You’re floating in space, what does that sound like?’ That’s great because I can spend two minutes working on what that feels like. Or else he’ll say, ‘You’re sad, you miss your family because you’re lost somewhere.’ He’ll explain that and I’ll go from there.”

The end result is a very diverse soundtrack. But if the whole album is anything like the first song, it should be another amazing performance by Gordon. Check out the song “Everything Is Going to Be Ok”  on Spotify or below on YouTube.




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